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Simple Truths About Muscle Growth (part 2)

In previous posts I have stressed the importance of the IGF-1s (Insulin-like growth factors, type 1) in promoting body growth. To reiterate the main message of my last (post): the IGF-1s are likely to be our most important growth promoters, particularly with reference to all types of muscle, bone and connective tissues. Importantly, [...]

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Simple Truths About Muscle Growth (part 1)

I have studied muscle development for most of my life - 30 of my 52 years - and after all this time there are just a few things I can say with certainty: First, exercise stimulates muscle growth; Second, proper nutrition will make your efforts in the gym pay the greatest dividends and; Third, our [...]

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Heavy Breathing Can Hurt You!

CAUTION: Breathing Can Be TOXIC!!
Oxygen is potentially toxic, a seemingly counterintuitive statement, since common knowledge tells us that we need oxygen to live. Specifically, without oxygen we would not be able to produce energy from basic nutrients and would die….
So, how can oxygen be toxic?
Oxygen is an Electron Sponge
Nothing is perfect. The exact same property [...]

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Creatine builds strong bones… part 2

Although nowhere nearly as obviously as muscles, bones also respond to exercise with growth. As we will read today both these processes are reliant on creatine…

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