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Which Creatine Type is Best?

Is creatine type X better than ordinary creatine monohydrate powder? If I only had a dime for every time I was asked this question, I would then fund my own studies to resolve this issue…
The problem is that many of the alternative forms of creatine have never been tested in independent, peer-reviewed, scientific studies. In [...]

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Simple Truths About Muscle Growth (part 4)

Last post, I explained how certain studies have suggested that creatine supplementation stimulates muscle cells to express the Insulin-like Growth Factors Type 1, IGF-1s. This is potentially a very important effect, clinically as well as athletically, as these essential anabolic factors are responsible for the development of muscle, bones, heart, and blood vessels. [...]

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Simple Truths About Muscle Growth (part 2)

In previous posts I have stressed the importance of the IGF-1s (Insulin-like growth factors, type 1) in promoting body growth. To reiterate the main message of my last (post): the IGF-1s are likely to be our most important growth promoters, particularly with reference to all types of muscle, bone and connective tissues. Importantly, [...]

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What is Creatinine and Why Should I Care? part 1

Featured Question: If creatine is placed in a warm/hot beverage for consumption, how long will it take before it begins to be broken down into “Creatinine”?

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Creatine builds strong bones… part 2

Although nowhere nearly as obviously as muscles, bones also respond to exercise with growth. As we will read today both these processes are reliant on creatine…

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